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Play your Playstation videogames again on your PC


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The Playstation has been One of the best-selling consoles in history. In its time, it was difficult to find anyone who hadn't played one of its games.

Now, you can enjoy the same Playstation games again on your GNU/Linux distribution thanks to ePSXe.

ePSXe is a free, multiplatform emulator for Playstation games that offers an easy and fast way to enjoy such legendary games as ISS Pro Evolution and Metal Gear Solid.

What's more, ePSXe is easy to configure, offering the option to adjust the game controls, the sound or the graphics.
The best Android emulators for the first PlayStation

The announcement of the new PlayStation Classic from Sony has taken many users by surprise (or not). There's a whole generation of players who were introduced to the world of videogames by their PSX, which stayed in circulation for no less than 12 years, one less than its predecessor. The truth is that current technology, like Android devices are more than capable of emulating the games from the console. Just like we already did with Super Nintendo and Mega Drive, it's time to list some of the best PlayStation emulators for Android. 
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Unzip the file and execute the file epsxe.

To play, you will need the Playstation BIOS, which you can find using a major internet search engine.

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